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We care for old folks

We provide independent living, assisted living and total nursing care. We take care of normal old folks and people with severe illness, like stroke, coma, on tube feeding, catheters, tracheostomy tube, Gastrostomies, with colostomy bags and people with terminal illness like cancer etc.

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Old Folk Homes

Looking for trustworthy Nursing Home to help you take care of your elderly folks? Let us provide tender loving care to your old folks while you are away on your full time work.

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Retirement Resorts

We provide comfortable and cheerful living for your parents & grandparents. Retirement Communities, Homes & Resorts in Malaysia

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Home Nursing

We offer the best Home Care Nursing Services for your mom, dad or grandparents & old folks. We give highest quality of nursing care services throughout Malaysia

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Disease and Therapy

We provide care and therapy services for all elderly diseases and problems like Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, etc

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  • Noble Care Malaysia furnishes 24 hour Nursing care for the old folks and other residents who need professional nursing care services. The old folks and sick community members are taken care by qualified and trained staff nurses. The quality care, luxury living and five star environment is a trademark of NOBLE CARE MALAYSIA.

    Nursing Care
  • Noble Care Malaysia provide residential care services. We provide homes as normal old folks homes and premium homes. Our retirement resorts are the one where the old folks enjoy a luxury living and professional care . Those old fellows and the children if feel progressively tough to manage their old folks at homes , Noble care homes are the best alternative as a second home . Noble Care Malaysia homes are good examples of living with dignity and honor in a comfort and care of a resort home.

    Residential Care
  • At Noble Care Malaysia we offer Respite take care of folks that might need a brief or temporary keep in one in every of our care homes or who might need short term care to get over Associate in Nursing unhealthiness or operation.

    Respite Care
  • At Noble Care Malaysia our Terminal Care Services (also referred to as Palliative care) is the care of Residents with terminal stages of the diseases and incurable conditions. Our Home Managers and professional care employees delivering the best care and support to those at our palliative care units.

    End of Life / Palliative Care
  • Noble Care Malaysia, Asia's no.1 aged care services provider. We are unique in our services with best care services provided by professional and trained caregivers . All the services are managed and supervised by experts and specialists in healthcare and hospitality services. We design individual care and follow up plans for the management of the old folks life under the supervision and instructions of highly qualified and professionally trained staff. Quality of life care and professionalism is our branding and credibility.

    Specialist Care
Message from Dr. Ejaz, CEO Noble Care Malaysia
April 25, 2017

Message from Dr. Ejaz, CEO Noble Care Malaysia

I am Dr. Ejaz from Noble Care Malaysia, I have a dream to give a great living to the aged and ailing communities in Asia

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