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Noble Care Services

Noble Care Services

Noble Care Malaysia furnishes 24 hour Nursing look after more seasoned individuals who have health needs and either require more excellent uphold than might be furnished in their momentum home, or who are recuperating from a noteworthy health issue.

Our Nursing consideration is furnished by qualified and committed nurturing groups in an environment uncommonly acclimates to every Resident’s requirements.
Each care plan reflects an individual’s strengths, interests and physical and emotional abilities.

Our Nurses likewise concentrate on conveying merciful, independently customized consideration of the kind we might need for ourselves and our loved ones.
Here is a snap of what services are offered:

  • Monitoring – Blood pressure, Hemo – glucose checking and Diabetes.
  • Recoding of the Daily Intake / Output
  • Administration of Medication
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Ryles Tube
  • Insertion of Urinary Catheter (Male / Female)
  • Care of a client with Limited Mobility or Bedridden
  • Wound Dressing
  • Toileting, Changing of Diapers, 2 hourly positioning to prevent complications such as bed sore.

Care Services & Facilities

At Noble Care Malaysia, we provide the best of our services to each resident.

  • full day care services.
  • Weekends and holiday care.
  • Long term residential care.
  • Speech therapy and counseling.
  • physiotheraphy
  • Home Nursing
  • Private Nursing

In any crisis, we have:

  • Emergency advisory services.
  • 24 hour guidance and help line.
  • Home care and family support.

Residential Care

Noble Care Malaysia’s Residential care is for older those who notice it progressively tough to manage reception while not further facilitate and support.
The care during a Noble Care Malaysia house is supported kindness and expertise to make sure every Resident enjoys a satisfying life.

Each individual’s care setup is ready-made to fulfill their specific desires with support from our skilled and qualified groups that are out there twenty four hours every day.

Noble Care Malaysia Residential care homes include:

  • Day Care
  • Regular Checkups
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Home environment
  • Dietician reviewed meals
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Indoor and outdoor entertaining areas
  • Qualified and skilled members of staff
  • Living areas, corridors, eating and toilet facilities custom-made to maximise quality and easy access
  • A varied activity programme
  • Robust community links

Our Nursing staff are given on-going opportunities for learning and development to make sure that the care they furnish isn’t solely the kindest potential, however is additionally delivered from a sound, skilled cognitive content.

Our Residents receive skilled care delivered with thoughtfulness and respect, during a friendly, homely and validating atmosphere, wherever quality of life is predominant.

We provide home nursing services too. Learn more here!

Respite Care

At Noble Care Malaysia we offer Respite take care of folks that might need a brief or temporary keep in one in every of our care homes or who might need short term care to get over Associate in Nursing unhealthiness or operation.

There are different kinds of Respite care accessible reckoning on your care desires and also the length of keep will vary from many days to many weeks or months.

Our workers are given on-going opportunities for learning and development to make sure that the care they offer isn’t solely the kindest potential, however is additionally delivered from a sound, skilled cognitive content.

Residents receive skilled care delivered with thoughtfulness and respect, in a very friendly, homely and appurtenant setting, wherever quality of life is dominant.

End of Life / Palliative Care

At Noble Care Malaysia our finish of Life care (also referred to as Palliative care) is to  care the Residents with vital health desires and incurable conditions.

Our tough Home Managers and care employees follow across the nation recognized pointers for delivering the best normal of care and support to those at the top of their lives.

Our nursing staff area unit given on-going opportunities for learning and development to make sure that the care they provide isn’t solely the kindest attainable, however is additionally delivered from a sound, skilled content.

Working with our Residents, their families and friends, and Community Nurses our multidisciplinary groups give 24-hour specialist care in an exceedingly heat and hospitable surroundings.

Noble Care Malaysia specialist finish of Life care includes:

  • A holistic approach with psychological and emotional support for our Residents, their families and friends
  • Knowing, understanding and respecting Residents wishes from the outset and when their health starts to deteriorate
  • Spiritual care addressing the spiritual and religious needs of Residents and families
  • Practical support and advice from our dedicated and caring staff
  • Symptom support and pain control

We believe that each one among our Residents may be a distinctive, special and worth person, An attribute that may be found at the center of all our homes.

Specialist Care

Noble Care Malaysia’s Practitioner health care contains health care and also products and services for all those together with real and also nerve disorders and also youth together with disabilities.

The Practitioner health care within a Noble Care Malaysia Property can be due to educated employees who will be supplied with on-going opportunities for mastering and also progress in order that the particular health care they give isn’t just the particular kindest probable, although also tuned in to the particular complex wants of each individual, nevertheless is usually provided from your appear, specialist understanding basic.

Your Residents receive specialist health care provided together with thoughtfulness and also value, within a friendly, comfy and also supporting surroundings, exactly where total well being can be vital.

Dementia Care

Caregivers referred by Noble Care have specific experience and training for working with clients who have Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Private Dementia Care Services for older adults allows the family respite and time to plan for future needs, as well as provides much-needed support for the individual affected.

Early-Stage Needs

For a person who is diagnosed with the early-stages of a memory loss disease, Dementia Care Services provide emotional and daily support, such as:

  • Assistance with remembering to take medications
  • Keeping appointments
  • Encouraging participation in activities

Having a hobby or joining a social group has been shown to exercise certain brain functions and slow the progression of disease symptoms. Caregivers referred by Family Nursing Care give your loved one individual attention based on his/her needs and interests.

Middle-Stage Needs

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia and is:

  • Experiencing increased memory trouble
  • Acting in ways that are uncharacteristic
  • Developing a pattern of triggers

The dementia may have progressed to middle ages.

Caregivers are available to assist with most daily tasks, including:

  • Eating
  • Grooming
  • Household chores

Throughout the late stages of these memory affecting diseases, private Caregivers are primarily focused on providing comfort.

Communication skills may deteriorate, but the senses usually remain intact.

Late-stage sufferers may benefit from having Caregivers:

  • Play favorite music
  • Cook favorite foods
  • Give hand massages

Other actions that will provide sensory stimulation