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Noble Care Facilities

Noble Care Malaysia furnishes 24 hour Nursing look after more seasoned individuals who have health needs and either require more excellent uphold than might be furnished in their momentum home, or who are recuperating from a noteworthy health issue.

Our senior care services include care for specialized conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer care, stroke recovery and bedsore recovery . Nursing procedures administered by Doctors or nurses include:

NG Tube feeding:

Nasogastric tubes provide a vital route to deliver nutrition, fluid and medication to patients with impaired swallowing, unsafe oral access or increased energy requirements that cannot be met orally. The NG tube is inserted through the patient’s nose and into his/her stomach to provide them with food, fluids, and medication. Our expert and trained nursing staff at Noble Care followed the precautionary measures by keeping the skin around the NG tube clean by using warm water and a washcloth. Remove any crusts or secretions from around the nose. Use of adhesive remover to prevent damaging the skin and make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying the new tape. Nasal tubes are intended for short-term use. At Noble Care, we change tube after every two weeks / as and when required , depending on the type of tubeWe believe in caring for our elderly with utmost care and love

Foleys Catheter:

Inserting catheters is a skill, and our nursing staff is equipped with this. Noble Care Nursing team have the expertise to use the contents related to Foley catheters. Since the catheter can be placed inside the bladder for an extended period, it is known as an indwelling catheter. The patient’s urine drains into a bag that is later taken from an outlet device and subsequently drained. Our Nurses apply sterile gloves, open the betadine, and pour it over the cotton balls included in the betadine kit. Carefully remove the plastic that covers the catheter without touching the tube and squirt the jelly on the catheter to lubricate it. Our Staff carefully inspect the function of the catheter before ending the process. At Noble Care, we believe in adopting the proper manner in which to insert a Foley catheter so that patients do not run the risk of infection and trauma.  We believe in the insertion of Foley catheters as comfortable and painless as possible.

Colostomy Bag Changing

Colostomy irrigation is something that can be done with certain types of colostomies to help move stool through the colon. The skin around the stoma should always look the same as skin anywhere else on your abdomen. However, ostomy output can make this skin tender or sore. We at Noble Care keep the patient skin healthy by using the right size pouch and skin barrier opening and changing the pouching system regularly to avoid leaks and skin irritation. Our nursing staff be very keen to make sure the skin is dehydrated before putting on the skin barrier or pouch. The colostomy pouch changes every 3-5 days. Our staff Date the tape on the pouch and mark on the calendar with patient details to remind when the pouch was last changed. We believe in changing the pouch prompt if the patient feels itching or burning on the skin around the stoma. 

Bedsore Treatment

Pressure Ulcers are preventable; all patients are at risk. The Nursing Staff have a central role in the prevention and management of pressure areas. They should be able to assess patients’ risk of developing PUs using evidence-based practice, recognized risk assessment tools and by completing a holistic assessment. Our well-trained nurses in Noble Care use most critical preventive measures by decreasing mechanical load. If patients cannot adequately turn or reposition themselves, this may lead to pressure ulcer development. Nurses must help reduce the mechanical load for patients. Staff help them in frequent turning and repositioning of patients. We believe in moving and changing the position of patient frequently when they sued to be in bed or sitting in a chair. Our nursing staff monitor the patient skin by keeping the bedding dry, avoid massaging of skin over bony parts of the body and by using a mild skin cleanser.

If you or someone you know has bedsores, please Contact to your nearest Noble Care Centre.

Dementia Care

Persons with dementia have multiple cognitive deficits that include both memory impairment, which affects the ability to learn new information or recall information previously learned. Our Nursing staff are trained enough to maintain a high index of suspicion for the early symptoms of dementia to initiate appropriate assessments and facilitate individualized care. Our Staff is trained enough and know most of the common presenting symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal lobe dementia, and Lewy body dementia. Noble Care Nursing Staff contributes by comprehensive standardized assessments for the identification and monitoring of dementia based on their ongoing observations. Caring for older adults with dementia is often a challenge. Noble Care accepts this challenge by taking care of your parents with love, care and attention. 

Cerebral Pulsy

Cerebral Palsy can be significantly improved by doing specialized movement and exercise. At Noble Care, we used a variety of techniques to manage Cerebral Palsy patients by Physical therapy. Muscle training and exercises can help elderly strength, flexibility, balance, motor development and mobility. Occupational therapy, Speech and language therapy and Recreational therapy. Physical therapy is typically the first step toward treating cerebral palsy. We have well-trained physiotherapist. Our Nursing staff ensure therapeutic communication, enhances the self-esteem of the patient by providing the emotional support, extra care to avoid injury, encourage mobility and increase the oral fluid intake. Noble Care believes in providing supportive treatments therapy.

Each care plan reflects an individual’s strengths, interests and physical and emotional abilities.

Our Nurses likewise concentrate on conveying merciful, independently customized consideration of the kind we might need for ourselves and our loved ones.

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