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Colostomy Bag Changing

Colostomy irrigation is something that can be done with certain types of colostomies to help move stool through the colon. The skin around the stoma should always look the same as skin anywhere else on your abdomen. However, ostomy output can make this skin tender or sore. We at Noble Care keep the patient skin healthy by using the right size pouch and skin barrier opening and changing the pouching system regularly to avoid leaks and skin irritation. Our nursing staff be very keen to make sure the skin is dehydrated before putting on the skin barrier or pouch. The colostomy pouch changes every 3-5 days. Our staff Date the tape on the pouch and mark on the calendar with patient details to remind when the pouch was last changed. We believe in changing the pouch prompt if the patient feels itching or burning on the skin around the stoma. 

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