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Aging is not just about wrinkles and gray hair. As we get older, our body changes too. The most obvious change is that our metabolism slows down, which means we need more proportionate food to maintain a healthy weight and that the foods we eat will be less likely to be stored as fat.  On
A bedridden person cannot leave their bed for an extended period of time (period). It can be caused by a long-term handicap or any other disease that prohibits older people from being self-sufficient or performing activities they used to do, necessitating long-term care. It might result from a major stroke, brain or spinal damage, or


Being a caretaker entails many responsibilities, some of which you may be unaware of. If you’ve ever had to care for an elderly relative, you know how difficult it can be. It’s difficult to see someone you care about struggle psychologically and physically and being there for them 24 hours a day may wear you
At every age, it’s critical to understand what heart rate is healthy and normal. And one must also know about the factors which are directly and indirectly affecting the heart. Your pulse, or heart rate can help you detect severe health disorders that require medical attention, such as heart problems. However, as you get older,

Five Gardening Benefits for Elderly

A garden is a place with immense beauty and joy and that’s why gardening is a favourite hobby globally. With hundreds of different gorgeous flowers and vibrant greenery, it has tons of benefits for every age group. The ongoing pandemic and length lockdown periods have severely influenced our elder’s health. In this situation, gardening is
The COVID-19 pandemic pushed us all into a unique state of paranoia. People have suffered through recurring waves of losing health and employment combined with long lockdown periods and the loss of their loved ones, globally. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), older people stand at a higher risk of catching the viral infection
Senior living arrangements come in different forms, and there is no single solution for every elderly person. People often confuse old age homes with nursing homes due to their characteristic similarities. However, there are stark differences through which you can tell them apart. This article will walk you through that so you can figure out

Features of a Muslim Nursing Home

  The nursing home, care home, rest home and intermediate care center, is a place of residence for people who need continual nursing care and have striking difficulty managing with the required activities of daily living. Nursing helpers and skilled nurses are 24 hours available a day for the residents comprise the elderly and younger

Why You Need Elderly Care Services

As your loved ones – especially your parents – age, the roles slowly reverse. They will need you to take care of them. Acting as the primary caretaker while also keeping your life and your family’s stability could be a hard task to do. On the other hand, putting your parents in a nursing home
If you’re considering a move to a long care facility for yourself, or for your spousal equivalent, parent, different loved one or friend, you’ll feel a lot of assured in your alternative if you recognize regarding your choices and what you and your family will expect once the move. Whether you’re considering only one long care
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Your role in a family changes suddenly when your parents start ageing. Once who looked after and care for them and their happiness. You will find numbers of nursing homes which will do these things for you but it is a hard decision to separate yourself from the one with whom you have spent your
I am Dr. Ejaz from Noble Care Malaysia, I have a dream to give a great living to the aged and ailing communities in Asia , especially in Malaysia. Message from Dr. Ejaz, CEO Noble Care Malaysia Our old folks are our National Heroes. They did their best in their young and productive age. Now when they are
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