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dr ejaz, ceo

Message from Dr. Ejaz, CEO Noble Care Malaysia

April 25, 2017 -

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I am Dr. Ejaz from Noble Care Malaysia, I have a dream to give a great living to the aged and ailing communities in Asia , especially in Malaysia.
Our old folks are our National Heroes. They did their best in their young and productive age. Now when they are old, weak and retired, it is our social, moral, ethical and religious obligation and Duty to give them back a Great Life. A living where they can live with peace and dignity. They should be provided with all their physical and emotional needs. Giving them a small space in your house with or without a maid is not enough. Confining them to bed or a wheel chair or a small back yard of home is also not good in my opinion.
Getting old and retired is not a phase where we put these old fellows out of the main stream of life. No. Never, Till their last day of life , they deserve all the happiness and warmth of life and living activities. They should enjoy their retired life. They should not feel that they are abandoned and outdated or useless in this time.
They are the one who borne us and developed us into strong, rich and successful persons in life. They are the one who depleted all their energies , skills and savings on you to become a successful and respectable man on earth.
Now they are old and week and you are the only one who have a direct responsibility to look after and take acre of them, when they are in a dire need of your kindheartedness, I have no doubt, it is not your kindheartedness, it is your DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY, it is an other question that you honor this or not……..
Please think over it. Give the best to your parents. Your father and Mother should be the most important persons to you. All your love and feelings must be diverted to make them peaceful , happy and comfortable in their last and final days.
Please remember, once they are gone, you will have no chance to do anything for them,
This is the time, hurry up and make actions towards their happiness.

“Do Not Say That You Love Your Parents”


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