Noble Care


Noble Care Malaysia is a welfare and humanity services organisation to help deserving members of society. Under Noble Care Malaysia, various well-equipped model centres are working and providing holistic care and quality services to old and ailing community members of our society. Noble Care is specialised in providing care to the elderly suffering from severe illness such as stroke, coma, on tube feeding, catheters, tracheostomy tube, Gastrostomies, with colostomy bags and people with a terminal illness like cancer e.t.c. Our service supports the Malaysian government social responsibility program to provide residential care for homeless elderly, needy older, especially the unprivileged and deserving people. This motto of Noble Care is “Care and Nursing Services for Poor Community”. Noble Care helped thousands number of families confronted challenges of caring for old folks in terms of medical, physical and emotional needs. The caregivers at Noble Care are experienced, trained and professional. We also have well professional team members in management, care services and skilled medical staff. Our medical staff comprises of home care paramedics, nurses, medical consultants, field specialists and psychologists. We encourage our staff to develop empathy with residents to create a more homely and family-oriented culture as the homey environment is our central theme.


Our Mission

To provide holistic care and quality services still cost to cost with minimum margins of profit to be sustainable. Fifty percent of our services are subsidized to cater the needs of poor, deserving and non-affording members. We have a dream to attend all those old folks who are un attended at their homes.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer in geriatric care and retirement housing industry in Asia giving old folks a healthy, happy and cheerful living.To provide comfort, assistance and focused health care for senior citizens to make them live this part of their life with respect, dignity and peace of mind.