Traveling with an ailment or disability can be incredibly exhausting and taxing, especially for older people. Many seniors experience nausea, headaches, joint pains from sitting too long in the same position, and bladder pains from waiting for restrooms while traveling. Despite many elderly care challenges, traveling with your senior loved ones is extremely rewarding –
After retirement, most older people are prone to find themselves stuck in a sedentary lifestyle due to health issues or a drastic drop in daily activities and interaction with other individuals. In extreme circumstances, it can result in social isolation and declining mental health among seniors, which can prove quite dangerous. Moving into a retirement
Dehydration can cause grave conditions in individuals from all age groups. If left unchecked, it can especially become life-threatening for seniors. As people age, their thirst sensation degrades significantly, making dehydration in elders a frequent phenomenon. It can lead to serious health issues, including constipation, kidney stones, blood clots, and lowered blood pressure. Older adults