Blood pressure, as used in medical terms, refers to the amount of stress that flowing blood exerts on the artery walls of a human body. Blood pressure naturally rises and falls during the day, but in those who have hypertension, blood pressure is constantly high, raising the risk of major medical problems.  An umbrella term
Many people believe that a heart attack is abrupt and instant, similar to the “Filmy” heart attack portrayed in the movies, in which the victim grips their chest and collapses the other moment. The fact is that a lot of heart attacks begin with a small amount of chest pain. A person who experiences such
Most older people feel lonely at some point in their lives. It’s one of the most common reasons for loneliness. The fact is that “Loneliness” is one of the most common reasons people develop depression or even take drastic steps. In a society where a new house, car, and smartphone seem to be the only