Is your sleeping pattern different from what it was when you were younger? If yes, then know that it occurs to many other people. Our sleeping habits indeed change as we get older. Nearly half of men and women over 65 report having at least one sleep issue. And it is common for many people
Even among individuals who have never fallen, the fear of falling grows increasingly widespread as a person grows older. The fear of falling is even big enough that it may cause older adults to avoid walking, shopping, and even socializing out of their comfort zone. The fact that our bones gradually become less sturdy and
Exercise is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. It gets even more critical as you get older since it helps prevent age-related health problems that can potentially lead to disability or mortality. You must have heard – “Simply put one of your feet in front of the other, and you could be walking
Like heart attacks and strokes, heart disease can be avoided by eating heart-healthy foods, especially when we age and our metabolism rate starts to decline drastically.  Elderly diseases and conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, can also raise the risk of developing heart problems sooner than anticipated. As a result, it’s